GM and Cloned Mammals

GM and Cloned Mammals section

Researchers have genetically modified and cloned laboratory and farm animals and pets, including mice, chimpanzeees, pigs, cows, goats, dogs and cats.

There are serious concerns about animal welfare in both the production of GM animals and the effects of the modification, particularly because of the unpredictability inherent in the technology. There is also an ethical question about changing the genetic makeup of species and particularly mixing genes from different species.

GeneWatch UK takes the position that fundamental alteration of the genetic code of other species should not be undertaken lightly and that there should be a presumption against such modification unless there are compelling arguments to do it. These should include both the necessity of the application and a lack of acceptable alternative methods to achieve the same end.

It is important that society as a whole is engaged in the debate about what is acceptable and desirable before the technology progresses to a point where transgenic animals become a normal part of production processes and the relationship between humans and animals is changed irrevocably.


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