Publications section

GeneWatch produces a range of publications. They are all designed to be informative and to stimulate debate.

Regular publications:

  1. GeneWatch Briefings: Briefings are produced as issues arise.
  2. GeneWatch Reports: Since 1998 GeneWatch has produced a range of indepth reports.


  1. Consultation Responses: GeneWatch often responds to Government consultations, you can find copies of all our responses here.
  2. MP Briefings:Written for members of the UK, Scottish and EU Parliaments to provide information prior to specific debates or key stages in policy discussion.
  3. GM Public Debate Briefings: Published in 2003, this is a series of 2 page information briefings prepared for the 'GM Nation?' public debate on GM crops.
  4. Biological Weapons Series: A series of 4 briefings looking at the issues of genetic modification for biological weapons.
  5. Farmers Information Series: Three briefings produced in 2000 that looked at the agronomic and economic implications of GM crops for farmers
  6. Farm-Scale Evaluation fact sheets: Written btween 2000 and 2002, these fact sheets explain what these experiments were about and give a description of each GM crop involved.

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