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GeneWatch UK believes that it is only with increased awareness of the potential abuses of genetic technologies amongst both scientists and civil society that the development of biological weapons can be avoided. As well as general awareness, institutional scrutiny to avoid possible abuses has to be cemented in international law.

14th June 2005:
The Biological Weapons Prevention Project (BWPP) has launched a new online database called ' BioWeapons Monitor'
read the BWPP press release
go directly to the BioWeapons Monitor database.
4th April 2005:
GeneWatch sends a letter to the Director General the World Health organisation to:
  • Prohibit the genetic engineering of smallpox, the insertion of smallpox genes in other poxviruses, and any further distribution of smallpox genetic material for non-diagnostic purposes;
  • Set a firm and irrevocable date, within two years, for the destruction of all remaining stocks of smallpox virus (including viral chimeras, or hybrids with other poxviruses);
  • In the interim before destruction, ensure that the WHO Advisory Committee on Variola Virus Research and its advisors are regionally balanced and that the Committee and its subsidiary groups conduct their oversight activities in a fully transparent and accountable manner.
read the letter
find out more about the campaign to stop the genetic modification of smallpox


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