Genetic testing workshop pack

This workshop has been devised by GeneWatch to enable people to explore the issues around genetic testing, including that:

  • Genetic tests are not regulated - there is no independent assessment of the claims made by commercial companies. This means that people could easily be misled about their health.
  • People with adverse genetic test results may also be discriminated against on the grounds that they are at higher risk of future illness.
  • Insurers and employers are already interested in using genetic test results to decide premiums or who gets a job.
  • There is currently no law in Britain to prevent employers using genetic test results to decide who gets a job or pension.
  • There is only a voluntary moratorium on the use of most genetic test results by insurers (this ends in 2011).

This seminar is interactive with a role-playing/scenario approach. It is probably best run with groups of 6 or more participants.

The Workshop is available as 14 downloadable pdf files. The instruction for the workshop are contained in "00 Facilitator Notes".

Alternatively you can download the files as one Zip file

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