Commercial GM crops

Commercial GM crops section

Only two GM traits have been commercialised on a large scale: herbicide-tolerant (HT) and pest resistant crops (Bt crops). These traits have been introduced into major commodity crops including soy, maize, sugar beet and oil seed rape (canola). They are grown mainly in North and South America and mostly used in animal feed and biofuels. Because GM foods are not segregated and labelled in the US, GM soy, maize, sugar and oil also ends up in processed foods sold in supermarkets. Pest-resistant GM cotton (Bt cotton) is widely grown in India and China as well as the US.

GM crops containg stacked traits which combine insect-resistance and herbicide tolerance (sometimes to more than one herbicide) are also being grown in the US and many applications to grow these crops are awaiting approval from European regulators.


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