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An on-line database of incidents of GM contamination, illegal releases and adverse agricultural side-effects run by GeneWatch UK and Greenpeace from 1997 to end 2016. It can be accessed at

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  • GeneWatch PR: New report shows 2006 was worst year ever for contamination of crops by rogue genetically engineered variants
    19th February 2007

  • GM Contamination Register Report 2005 portable document file (PDF)
    8th March 2006

    This report is the first from the on-line GM Contamination Register ( and reviews cases reported in the public and scientific literature of contamination, illegal plantings and releases of GM organisms, and negative agricultural side-effects since GM crops were first grown commercially on a large scale in 1996. This represents a sample of the actual cases of GM contamination that have taken place, many of which are not detected or not revealed because they are part of food producers quality control systems. The report also includes a special review of the Syngenta Bt10 GM maize contamination incident that took place in 2005, affecting the USA, Europe and Japan and probably many other countries importing maize from the USA. It considers the scope and causes of all the incidents, to make recommendations for action.


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