Recent Articles

  • Genetic discrimination by insurers and employers: still looming on the horizon. portable document file (PDF)
    14th February 2006

    An update on the use of genetic test results by employers and insurers

  • Genetic Testing in the Workplace portable document file (PDF)
    31st May 2003

    This report is concerned with the potential misuse of genetic information by employers. It provides a brief introduction to the kinds of genetic tests that might be used for employment purposes and reviews the research evidence linking genes to occupational illness. The limitations of this research are then discussed. A short description of current research activity in this area in both the USA and the UK is also provided.

    The report goes on to consider why employers might be interested in using genetic tests and whether they would be likely to benefit from their introduction. Current UK legislation surrounding workplace health and safety is reviewed to consider how genetic testing might fit with current employment practice and the legal roles and responsibilities of employers.

    The implications for employees are also discussed, highlighting potential benefits and the possibility of genetic discrimination. Finally, the limitations of existing UK laws and safeguards are considered and the changes necessary to prevent genetic discrimination in employment are identified.

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