GeneWatch PR: Response to cloned animal reports

Responding to today's reports on meat and milk from clones, Dr Helen Wallace, Director of GeneWatch UK said:

"Report after report has found that cloning causes animals to suffer. Most cloned animals die as embryos or are stillborn, causing distress to the mother. Many survivors suffer from serious health problems, such as breathing difficulties and organ failures."

"The decision on cloned farm animals is a key test for the Coalition Government. We've heard fine words about support for British farmers to meet high welfare and environmental standards. At minimum this means that people have a right to know where their meat and milk has come from so they can avoid this harmful and unnecessary process. Better still, imports of products derived from cloning should be banned from Britain".

Products from cloned animals and their offspring could enter the British food chain as meat or milk, or be imported as sperm for use in artificial insemination. Thursday's meeting of the Government's Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes (ACNFP) concluded that meat and milk from cloned cattle and their offspring are "unlikely to present any food safety risk" but warned that consumers may want to see effective labelling of products from clones and their offspring.

"Cloning is an expensive and unnecessary technology patented by a small number of US companies. If widely used it would be bad for farming because genetically identical cloned animals are vulnerable to health problems and diseases", added Dr Wallace.

For further information contact:

Dr Helen Wallace. Office: 01298-24300; Mobile: 07903-311584.

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