GeneWatch PR: European Commission in lap of US industry: GeneWatch UK response to decision not to appeal WTO GMO decision

21st November 2006

Responding to the statement to Reuters that the European Commission would not appeal the WTO decision on GM, Dr Sue Mayer, GeneWatch UK's Director said:

"US industry will be celebrating tonight. Europe will not fight for the precautionary principle to apply to trade issues, letting down its citizens and putting the environment at risk".

"Acceptance of GM crops and foods should not be mandatory, there are complex social, environmental and health issues at stake. The science is uncertain and surprises likely. The WTO has to allow broader issues to be taken into account in decision making - if not it becomes a steamroller for powerful industrial interests".

For information contact: Sue Mayer: 01298 871898 (office); 07930 308807 (mobile)

Notes to editors:

  1. In 2003, the USA, Canada and Argentina made a complaint to the WTO about Europe's moratorium on approvals of GM crops and foods. For details about the dispute see:[cid]=405264
  2. On 3rd November, GeneWatch UK and the RSPB sent a report to Trade Commissioner, Peter Madelson, on the legal implications of the WTO decision and called on him to support an appeal. Read the press release at:[cid]=492860&als

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