GeneWatch UK response to studies safety of meat and milk from cloned cows

According to press reports (1), scientists in the USA have evaluated the meat and milk from cloned cows and shown them to be safe for human consumption.

"The food safety of meat and milk from cloned cattle is not the main issue," said Dr Sue Mayer, GeneWatch UK's director. "Cloning farm animals is a technological dead-end. It will cause animal suffering in the process, reduce the gene pool even further and the excessively high yielding cattle it produces will experience all the diseases this brings, such as mastitis and infertility. Some scientists seem to have become over excited about cloning and unable to evaluate its usefulness rationally. There is much more important work they could be doing".

"Any claims that cloned cows would help feed the world are spurious. Copies of our cows are not appropriate for environments of developing countries," said Dr Mayer.

  1. Cloned Cows' Milk, Beef Up to Standard Researchers Find No Significant Differences With Products of Conventionally Raised Cattle. Washington Post, 12th April 2005.

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